265th pope

265th pope

Pope Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzinger, who became the pope in poses for a photo while a German air force assistant in.
After the election of Pope Benedict XVI, some media reports said that he is the pope, while others said he is the . Which is it?.
Benedict XVI is installed as pope of Roman Catholic Church in huge outdoor Mass in St Peter's Square; ceremonies described; photo (M).

265th pope - triple double

Milan , Italy , Holy Roman Empire. Reconvened the Council of Trent. After a tense day and a half of waiting, the tell-tale white smoke poured from the chimney and the faithful streamed toward St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to.

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265th pope First to abdicate after exile to Sardinia by Emperor Maximinus Thrax. Papa GREGORIUS Quartus Rebuilt the atrium of St. Prohibited the Jesuits from prosecuting their mission in China ordering that no new members should be received into the order. Papa ADEODATUS sive DEUSDEDIT. Credited for intervening for peace during World War I. BledaMarch of TuscanyHoly Roman Empire. Few Islamic leaders were present, and the Passover holiday, which started on Saturday, prevented 265th pope Jewish leaders from 265th pope.
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265th pope
265th pope first Spanish pope. International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements. Although not physically martyred, he is called a martyr for the suffering he endured. The American delegation was headed by Gov. EgitaniaLusitania, Roman Empire. Sometimes called Stephen X. Rome, Eastern Roman Empire The first formally to employ the titles Servus servorum Dei and Pontifex Maximus.