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Since we're all friends here, I'll let you in on one of them. ' Arcane Quest 2 ' Review - A Quest For Heroes . Attack dice have swords on them, while defense dice have shields. .. Support · TouchArcade Advertising and Editorial Policies · TouchArcade's List of iPad Games with iCade Support · Upcoming  Missing: sums ‎ allocation.
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There is a universal chart for determining special results. at 2 dice) to split among all actions, resolving stat+ dice vs difficulty. . D- Quest by Dylan Craig: Keywords: universal rules-lite: A simple generic system intended for fantasy. .. A very simple RPG using 1d12 to roll under the sum of 2 freeform traits.

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Any piece of advice? Thanks for the suggestions, please let me evaluate them and see what can be done. A thousand THANKS to you, from me and our gaming pals!!!!!!!! Its a great game and I am having a blast. Now we can make the game bigger and with many more missions. I think that if you enjoyed Warhammer Quest and you're looking for something somewhat related, you will probably find something to like here.

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Depending on which character or monster is involved, different numbers of dice will be rolled, and damage is calculated based on swords minus shields. Perhaps even add ammo to treasure types? There are a few rough edges, but it's a surprisingly polished game given the developer is a one-man team, and the amount of content is impressive for the price. The five of us who played that day are scattered around the world these days, and I can't even recall the last time we were in the same room together, let alone playing one of the many board games we used to binge on. Also, what if the wizard had n extra pool of spells like in heroquest. My suggestion is to have the AI do nothing when you open the door, force the heroes to go into the room and make them disperse. I like that you have kept it simple. Very much enjoy the concept, and will totally be buying it after that feeling of playing Warhammer Quest it gave me. Sending Promo Codes for Giveaways. The strategy seems a little one dimensional…. However, I have a question and a few concerns and suggestions. Is there a more comprehensive guide somewhere?