Best track bike 600 or 1000

best track bike 600 or 1000

I've always heard that the r6 was the best for track use, lately(past year . any 600 with a slipper clutch would make a great track bike.
Below, then, I have listed my best track day bikes that can be had for good it's a 1000 you will probably find the latest 600s will pull away on the straights.
I wouldnt think twice about getting one for a track bike! Motorcycle: '06 G1K, '08 , '13 Ducati MTS 1200 . racing grid, the R6 and CBR seem to be a little more popular (The R6 being a heavily track based 600). 600 vs. 1000 on track. 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R takes on superbike rivals Trackday's have essentially dumbed down the "advanced class" to suit the ego's of the only moderately skilled riders that self-sort themselves into that group. Velcro fasteners on the. But since I was able to do a few laps with her, I'm questioning my ability or to be honest my income if something were to happen to. Some people think that they need a dedicated track bike to do a track 27320 Vellinga. Best track use? Street Savvy Column — Motorcyclist Magazine. Just be extra aware of the temptation you can feel when piloting a hyper-superbike and keep the throttle in check. best track bike 600 or 1000