$100 note (Australian)

$100 note (Australian)

The Turnbull government is to consider a ban on the $100 note and a get a percentage of that, it's revenue owed to the Australian people.".
Australia is considering abolishing $100 notes in a bid to crack down on the “ black economy”, said media reports on Thursday.
Australia's $50 and $100 notes make up 93% of all currency by value, though data from the Reserve Bank suggests the use of cash for.

: $100 note (Australian)

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Anirban Ghoshal Hindustan Times. Advertising: ads [ at ] ithistory.info. Also for this issue, fluorescent colouring was added to the serial numbers, as well as a patch that shows the banknote's value under ultraviolet light. I remember what you said once..... No need to destroy anything illegally at all.

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