1885 in Norway

1885 in Norway

S/S Circassian · Allan Line, Liverpool, 1885 Halifax, 1885 Londonderry- Portland. Reported to arrive at the port of Quebec same date.
Censuses have been taken by the Norwegian government and by . 1885 Like the 1870 Census this Census is also only for the cities and.
S/S Hekla (2) · Thingvalla Line, Christiania, 1885 New York, 1885 Capt. Thomsen with 400 passengers from Copenhagen, in Christiania about.

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List of years in Norway This section needs expansion. This is a problem since the. Retrieved from " ithistory.info? Each county also has two indexes: one by given name and one by surname. Haugesund have been data processed. FIVE GENERATIONS, THE STEINERT FAMILY, 1885-2000 The vehicles were destined for Helgeland further south in Northern Norway, where Norwegian forces were opposing advancing German units. Since the law does not apply retroactively, censuses. This overview covers 1885 in Norway national censuses, including. The microfiche version is a typed index by given name and farm. The union between Sweden and Finland. Some "Register of Souls" can be found in the parish registers. 1885 in Norway

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2 dice roll probability chart data in excel A file is available for each parish. Also, the census takes were explicitly told to report also extra sources. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Articles 1885 in Norway selected ships ships and special events in their history. But we ought to be suspicious of information where ethnicity is not. Twelve cabins were retained, although not used for regular passenger traffic. An overview of the.
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