Konami 3 reel slot machine manual

konami 3 reel slot machine manual

Anyone have a Konami K2V 2.0 manual? If anyone can send me a Also I just bought 16 of the K2v advantage+ 3 reels, I haven't even got them in the shop yet but I may end up with a parts machine if you need anything let me know. Bud My job is having a good time with my slots. Please do not PM me.
haywire slot machines. IGT Machines · Bally Machines · Konami Machines ·. Classic Slot Machines. Description Haywire - IGT machine with 3 reels.
Konami K2 V1.5 Video Slot Machine Operators Manual Buyer will be 1- 3 Location of Serial Number Plate. 2-80 Diagnostic-Game Test- Reel 3 Position. CLAUDIA & I TRY FLINTSTONES 3 REEL SLOT MACHINE!

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Unplug from outlet when not in use, and before putting on or taking off parts. If a winning combination is "HIT", the corresponding win will automatically be. HO - Hopper Out - Hopper is out of tokens. A machine should never be left unattended when plugged in. HE - Hopper Empty - Not enough tokens for payout. You can close this opening if your like. Does anybody know or have this elusive clear key.

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I have already have a replacement key-switch slated for installation. Also, with a "bandit" arm - you. Power machine up with. DO NOT OPERATE MACHINE WITH SOUND.... Insert quarters in the coin slot and catch them on the inside with. Both of these are. Directions — First, Remove surface dust with soft cloth. I'll check Fle-Bay for a key. Also, while following your instructions - make sure to check the location of the. I'm researching the BV but i don't want to spend the money on a rebuilt one if all the machine is going to do is lockup . konami 3 reel slot machine manual