Super bowl 1945

super bowl 1945

The 1945 National Football League Championship Game was the 13th NFL championship . The Sporting News Complete Super Bowl Book St. Louis   ‎ The game · ‎ Officials · ‎ Player shares · ‎ Game statistics.
1945 National Footbal League Championship Game, the Cleveland Rams defeated the Washington at Cleavland Municipal Stadium in.
Super Bowl Winners. 1945, Dec 16, Cleveland Rams, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Dec 17, Green Bay Packers, 14–.

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Luckman in NFL history book. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anyhow, this is what it would be like if baseball had a Super Bowl. Perhaps we have gotten a bit spoiled with warm climates for Super Bowl games. What if MLB had a Super Bowl? Super Bowl 51 Reaction: Falcons Choked
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