Where does storm seal drop 101 wizards

where does storm seal drop 101 wizards

Check out all the exciting Baba Yaga gear you can get from that crazy Baba Yaga drops the best level 110 hats, athames, amulets and . Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Snowflake Seal Storm. Hats; Boots; Athames; Amulets; Rings; Decks . I got this Amulet as a drop on my Balance Wizard from Baba Yaga.
In order to proceed into Polaris, you will have needed to finish in Wizard City to obtain the quest “Head of the Class” and then you will be Storm School: Rusalka's Wrath .. Got This Awesome Fire Seal Pup. . However, we quickly realized the drop in power at 101 was not what we intended out of this.
Heyy I'm Danielle WaterBlood, exalted storm wizard here. I'll update more drops on Simon the Sayer in a bit after I do a few more runs. where does storm seal drop 101 wizards