Class action suit bank of america overdraft fees

class action suit bank of america overdraft fees

You might be eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit against Bank of America if you paid overdraft fees on debit card transactions.
What is this lawsuit about? What is an Overdraft Fee? Why is this a class action? Why is there a settlement? Who is included in the Settlement?.
Here is information on the overdraft lawsuit, only one of many class action lawsuits against Bank of America. If you recently received a check from Bank of. Bank Of America Overdraft Fees They charged deuce song kiss much for a standard bank account. However, since many likely wrote off this money already, it is pretty much found money. The other two were my own stupidity, and damn, did I ever learn my lesson. They had the nerve to absorb child support money by holding back the checks and did the reversal. Deadline just passed last month…Good Job Union Bank! You can send an objection letter, but unless you exclude yourself by the deadline, you are legally bound by the settlement, and you will not be able to receive any further damages.

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Reply to this comment yes BUT they are waiving the overdraft fees in most cases. You can gaurantee they would come after you and ruin your credit for their money! A Court authorized this website because you have a right to know about the proposed Settlement of this class action lawsuit and about all of your options, before the Court decides whether to give Final Approval to the Settlement. Reply to this comment Bank of America is SOSOSOO CROOKED,,,they allow people to take money from my account, and said it was a judgement against me by a bill collector. Certain circumstances I could understand like medical issues. As far as u people who say make sure the money is in their and we are irresponsible. Reply to this comment HAHA.