South african police service firearm renewal

south african police service firearm renewal

28 November The South African Police Service (SAPS) is once more reminding and urging all businesses to have their firearm licences.
SAPS Firearm Licence and Competency forms new and renewals.
South African Police Service on renewal of firearms. 10 Aug SAPS call upon firearm owners to renew their firearm licences before the deadline: don’ t.

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Application for Licence to Possess a Firearm. Application for Accreditation for Business Purposes. Your loyal effort contributes to the effective control and management of firearms in South Africa and supports the South African Police Service effort to address the proliferation of firearms. Application for Permit to Transport Firearms and Ammunition. Ammunition, to Conduct Business as a Gunsmith or to Display Firearms and. Who can apply for a firearm licence?
south african police service firearm renewal

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Take the following documentation with you to the designated firearms officer DFO at the police station nearest to where you reside:. Notification of Change of Commercial Agent Premises. How long does it take? Application for a Further Competency Certificate. You must successfully complete the prescribed test at an accredited training provider to prove your knowledge of the Act. All the SAPS South African Police Service forms you for application or renewal of your firearm licence and competency. Request to Suspend a Firearm Licence, Permit, Certificate or Authorization. Information on accredited training providers is available from Designated Firearms Officers. Application for a further competency certificate. For Technical Assistance: Web Team. Cancellation of an Application for a Licence, Permit, Certificate or. Transfer of Firearm Ownership.