1600 5280 feet equals

1600 5280 feet equals

(US) A unit of linear measure equal to the length of a finger, or about 4 The legal mile in Britain and the U.S. is now yards (5280 feet).
Since the mile is known at 1760 yards (5280 feet / (3 ft/yard), then the Mile time (in seconds) by to obtain the equivalent time.
It was changed to 5280 feet in Elizabethan times around 1600 (some point to 1592 or to accommodate the furlong, which was 660 feet.

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The Italian mile miglio , pl. Where does the abbreviation "lb" come from? An unusual unit but one can never be sure about pharmacists! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First, on those equations. It is a mostly used in some of the countries to measure the distance between two geographical locations. How to convert feet to miles : Use the conversion calculator titled "Convert feet to miles".
1600 5280 feet equals Do snakes have feet? It's descended from a roman unit called 1600 5280 feet equals libra. Create Custom Conversion Table. Having moved from Sweden to the U. Use of the mile as a unit of measurement is now largely confined to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Furthermore, the Romans had another convention, which was to place stones next to their roads to mark the distance from Rome. This is still used by goldsmiths .

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