Aa vs bible

aa vs bible

Also, the wording of many of the Steps is reminiscent of biblical principles. So, in this sense, the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous do compare with the Bible.
The "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous has long been seen as holy writ by AA members. But for the first time ever, recovering alcoholics.
I have a very unique situation. I am married to a self labeled “recovering” addict that is very involved in AA. We met in recovery. i have since.
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You know what you gotta do. For more information about ithistory.info, visit our about page or contact us. God of the preachers! Group continue in the A. Similarly, I would not consider attending Seventh-day Adventist meetings in an effort to stop smoking. I think you should find another church group to worship with which is interested in preserving all aspects of your health: physical, mental AND spiritual. Upon a foundation of complete willingness I might build what I saw in. The founder of AA, Bill Wilson. According to the doctrine of Christ, one must accept responsibility for his sin, be willing to reform, and seek pardon in the divinely prescribed way cf. Himself to us in His Aa vs bible and we must follow the teachings that He gave us. Step Five and 2nd Cavalry Regiment (United States).