Absolute poker review

absolute poker review

Absolute Poker is one of the top destinations for US players to play online poker. AbsolutePoker is growing rapidly and offers great promotions such as the Bad.
Quick review of Absolute Poker, including ratings of their games, bonuses, banking and customer support.
Hammerhead the Shark's in-depth review of Absolute Poker, with tips for playing at AbsolutePoker.com, from the ithistory.info series of poker room reviews. absolute poker review
I was bored one night and wanted to play poker. I played on Absolute Poker for awhile and the suckouts are just unreal. They are scum of the highest order. If people stop playing there, i think they would stop with the computer gen hands. Absolute Poker was ordered by the KGC to repay players that were cheated by Ultimate Bet insiders.