Gerber ultra flush 21 312 toilet bowl

gerber ultra flush 21 312 toilet bowl

EF- 21 - 312. Ultra Flush ® 1.1 gpf 12" Rough-In Two-Piece Elongated Toilet. Harness the power of the ultimate flushing machine with an Ultra Flush ® 1.1 gpf Pressure Assist Toilet. air in a downward path and forces water into the bowl, pushing waste out through our extra-large 3" trapway. Related Gerber Products.
Gerber Ultra Flush Tank White - Two Piece Toilets -
GERBER. Because we are committed to continual product improvement, specifications THIS FIXTURE QUALIFIES ACCORDING TO ASME TEST PROCEDURES AS A HIGH EFFICIENCY WATER CLOSET WITH 12" Rough-In. Combination HE- 21 - 312. Bowl. HE- 21 Tank. ULTRA FLUSHTM 1.28 GPF. I find it hard to get someone that has one already to sell them a second one. The toilet did flush a bit, but nothing like it. However, we no longer sell the Gerber with WDI Dual Flush combination. Gerber Ultraflush pressure assist toilet review and comments. Your thoughts are appreciated. A pain in the ass, but at least they are helping getting the issue resolved.
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