Aces up poker term float

aces up poker term float

Two pair, with one one pair being aces. For example, if someone holds AJ and the board is that person has " aces up " since they hold a two pair of aces.
Info on the terminology, words, terms, expressions and phrases used in Rummy. Terms which are used in Poker also have been described, where applicable, in a Aces High - This applies where Aces can be counted with a higher point by placing one card on the top of the discard pile face up thus ending one's turn.
Wake Up. word type: poker slang. To discover a huge hand after significant in ages that I raise with a good hand, the guy on the button wakes up with Aces. Buying in for less than the minimum. Turn up — See "Upcard". A "mixed canasta" is a meld containing one to three wild cards. Any game in which the players odds of winning are exactly equal to their odds of losing. The largest possible Full House. The float play can be a very effective arsenal in all forms of poker, whether you are a cash game or tournament player. End of Hand — In Gin Rummy play continues until a player gins, knocks, or until there are only two cards left in the stock pile. aces up poker term float MTT Review 33 Rebuy 6 Max PART 1