Acid porting

acid porting

Has anyone tried to " acid port " stock exhaust manifolds. What method and materials work best. Any other options will be greatly appreciated.
For you Acid Porting lovers! 2nd Gen V6 2.5L Performance. IM acid porting experiments.
How does acid porting add air flow to cylinder heads and intake manifolds? Acid porting is the enlargement of the entire intake port using chemical treatments. WA - The Lost Voyage (6/14) - Follow the Acid The Jalopy Journal You are using an out of date browser. If you've pulled ALL the VRIS stuff, you can just tip the manifold neck up and fill it until all acid porting runners are. How do you get it full?. And yea, I dont see any way you could do this reliably. Could you shine some light on this? After adding the acid, it bubbles up black nastyness that rains all over the place, the intake also gets quite warm. After the porting the aluminum will oxidized or rust if you acid porting. acid porting