Dana 30 ball joint remover

dana 30 ball joint remover

What size cups do I need to remove to lower balljoint on a TJ dana 30? I'm using the harbor frieght balljoint removal /install kit that includes.
Manufacturer:Dana Spicer Remove. Filter Results. Upper, Lower Or Dana 30 and dana 44; 1 Upper ball joint and 1 lower ball joint ; Does one side. Qty.
Dikes; Ball Joint Press ; Hammer; 13mm 12 point socket; 21mm 1993 Cherokee - 33" Duratracs - Dana 30 /44 - Rear detroit - Rear Disks.

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Separate names with a comma. Once done we can focus on the upper balljoint. The Auto zone one is better. BB code is On. Transfer Case Low Gearset. Please select your insurance company Optional.

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Not a member yet? Any suggestions would be much appriciated. Side Marker Light Socket. I only ask as my friend managed to bend the giant C portion of a HF balljoint kit on his XJ by trying to extract it the wrong direction. One last trick is to shove a pickel fork in between the balljoint and the knuckle when tightening the bolt to hold pressure to it. NAXJA Forums -::- North American XJ Association. So be sure to register , and sign up for your blue star today! How-To replace Dana 30 and 44 Ball Joints part 1 of 3 (removal with cheap press) Its really an amazing. Fuel Filler Door Covers. Site News and Feedback. The installer cup is angled keeping the press applying pressure in the proper direction so the ball joint does not bind. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. dana 30 ball joint remover