Best 5 mana cards hearthstone

best 5 mana cards hearthstone

The 5 - mana slot includes some of the strongest cards in the game, and having a good one on curve is.
As the title suggests, this is the list of Hearthstone's five best minions, or the Mage card Mana Wyrm, and including both would have been redundant.
In this article, you will find a list of all the neutral minions that have a cost of 5 mana in Hearthstone. Card Name, Type, Mana, Attack, Health. ‎ Prince Malchezaar · ‎ Leeroy Jenkins · ‎ Abomination · ‎ Stalagg.

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Nourish addresses both of these concepts by either giving you a mid-game mana rush or late-game card draw. That said, the Stealth quality makes it slightly better than many of the other Ragers. Make sure you have these powerful cards in your deck. Void Terror is the definition of a Warlock card. A neutral version of one of the Mage's best cards, this takes a hit to its stat-line by being slightly overcosted.
Hearthstone Top 5: Best Designed Cards