Thundercat 1000 vs outlander 800

thundercat 1000 vs outlander 800

Has anyone raced the Can Am 1000 with their Thundercat? I have an 09 800 outlander didn't exactly smoke me on my bone stock 700 MP. looking for some info on the 1000 xt -
Awarding the BIC for Best Big Bore to the new G2 Outlander 1000 was not Here's the deal, the "old" Outlander 800 was a worthy ride and.
Arctic Cat Mud Pro 1000 VS. The 2011 Outlander 800R X mr didn't include the big external snorkel found on the This same monster motor is found in Cat's Thundercat utility ATV and both Prowler XTZ and Wildcat UTVs. Outlander 1000 and thundercat 1000 in the deep at wakawin atv rally 2012 thundercat 1000 vs outlander 800 Clearly the XP is a winner in our books as a result of its incomparable ergonomics and exceptional suspension calibration. I don't recall ever seeing one "in the wild" so to speak. The guy is not usually a bull-chitter so I tend to think he's telling the truth. You can draft nascar style and speed increase. OMG you will go over the handle bars!