New wizard101 world 2015

new wizard101 world 2015

This video deals with and shares information and theory regarding the NEW worlds coming out in Wizard.
Find out what is new in in the 2015 Spring Update. Find links to all of our guides and more.
zechsy on Dec 8, 2015 wrote: I notice they still 2 open slots for new worlds.Are they coming out with a new dungen or new world soon New World?. Here are a few of the more notable fixes:. Enter the Vast Expanses of Mirage! The cherry blossom tree should now appear as a like for the Goose Tree. The higher your Pip Conversion statistic, the higher your chance is for this to happen. This is done based on your highest pip conversion rating for instance if your fire pip conversion was the highest of all the pip conversion statistics, it would be based off your fire pip conversion stat.
Wizard101: "Polaris!" New World -2015 Teaser HD new wizard101 world 2015