200 new shekel banknote

200 new shekel banknote

The two hundred new shekel note (₪ 200) is the highest denomination banknote of the Israeli new shekel, It was first issued in Series A 1992 with the Series B in  Design date ‎: ‎Series C: 23 December 2015.
According to a press release dated 28 April the Israeli cabinet approved the details and designs of the new 50- and 200 - new shekel.
Accessibility In The New Banknotes. The banknotes in the new series incorporate advanced standards of security, introdduction the new 200 Banknote.

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Retrieved from " ithistory.info? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Russian ruble Abkhazia unrecognized and South Ossetia unrecognized. After a long process of consultation and discussions between the Committee and the Governor, the Governor decided to incorporate two aspects of Israel's history, the political and the cultural, by depicting two politicians who signed peace agreements with Israel's neighbors, and two outstanding people in the fields of literature and poetry. Banknotes and Coins Catalog. 200 new shekel banknote

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The nominal value printed in clear and bold ink, on the bottom left corner of the banknote. A triangle in the right-hand corner. The Governor said that it was of historical importance, in particular for future generations, to denote the leaders of the nation, and the characters chosen convey an important lesson in Israel's heritage. Subscribe today Sign in. The new banknote is being distributed to the public through commercial bank tellers, automated teller machines, and Israel Postal Company branches. The name of the currency will remain New Shekel. As previously noted, banknotes in the new series will incorporate advanced security features, and will be of varying sizes in order to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations. Obverse and reverse — Ruben Nutels. It is also a currency that can be exchanged 200 new shekel banknote consumers in many parts of the world. Haaretz - Israel News. To the right 70 number images for kids the main text with titles of nine books written by Ben-Zvi. Once in olive-green and once in black which reflects UV light.