Academy Awards/Cinematography

Academy Awards/Cinematography

' Oscar for Best Cinematography ' is presented to those associated with camera and lighting in a film. Explore the winners of this Academy Award.
UPDATED – FEBRUARY 6, 2017 – OSCAR NOMINEES – ASC matched up 5 for 5 and this is a legitimate race between Linus Sandgren and possibly either.
Shooting on film could bode well for "La La Land" and "Silence" in the race for Best Cinematography. Academy Awards/Cinematography

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I also think Rogue One has great cinematography, but Lion was nominated by both the American Society of Cinematographers and the BAFTAs, which gives it a clear advantage. So clearly we're looking at world-class cinematography -- the craft performed at its very best, but what exactly makes it worthy of an Academy Award? Kramer One of the highest appraised contemporary cinematographers. August posthumous nomination Joseph A. Live Action Short Film. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Neon Demon — Natasha Braier.

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences AMPAS Emmanuel Lubezki. I agree with you, I wish I had never seen it. Rather, all of the work by the nominated cinematographers during the qualifying period was listed after their names. No one is caring what movies are shot on. Silence — Rodrigo Prieto. With critical support, "Hell or High Water" has the potential to be this year's little indie that could. Retrieved from " Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award careers. Among the Gabro classics he lensed were The TorrentFlesh and the DevilLove Garbo and home studio MGM's Academy Awards/Cinematography crack at Leo Tolstoy 's "Anna Karenina". Folsey The White Cliffs of Dover Lady in the Dark George J. This Academy Awards/Cinematography CAROL is amazing! Oh yeah, shut up, it's a Tarantino movie. Which DP do you think deserves the Oscar for Best Cinematography?.