Ace 55 vf

ace 55 vf

Tomato, Ace VF. Certified Organic Seed. Indeterminate. This is a good producer of round red 6 ounce fruit with excellent taste. Approximately 70 days. Superior.
Ace 55 VF (30 seeds) This variety is lower in acid than most other tomatoes and often recommended to people who are on a low-acid diet. However, the.
Grow Heirloom Tomatoes - Plant Ace 55 Tomato Seeds . Info I have come across 2 decades ago for " Ace 55 VF," said that this was truly a very low acid variety. Luffy poursuit Ace sans relâche [VF] ace 55 vf

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Note: If fluorescent shop lights are used, the lights must be placed within inches of the leaves of the plant. Organic Sweet Pepper Ace 55 vf. Privacy Policy and Terms. Crazy for Cosmos Mix. Restoration Seeds is a farm-based seed company committed to selling seeds growers can save. When transplanting, plant all the way up to the first set of leaves. To avoid this, do not start too early!