Against the spread meaning in betting what does -3 mean in betting

Betting the spread as shown means Cleveland is a favorite. There is a standard run line of 1.5 runs either for or against a team. So if the Detroit.
Pick'em basically means the point spread is 'even'. A pick'em bet is usually a good game to wager on because you do not have to worry about.
Sports betting definition for Straight-up, including NFL football, college winning on the scoreboard without any regard to the point spread.
If they lose then so do you. An investor may make a bet while the spread betting firm acts as the counter party. Sports Betting Advice for Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. Over — This is when the combined total score of the two sides goes above the set total for the game. Message 21 poker movies the GM. This is known as going short. Laying the Points — When you bet the favorite against the spread.