Classic transformers robots in disguise megatron

classic transformers robots in disguise megatron

Hasbro Transformers Prime RID Robot In Disguise Voyager Megatron Great Transformers Robots in Disguise Voyager Classics Deluxe Megatron.
―Megatronus in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015 series episode He is also Megatron 's namesake and the one who was responsible for causing.
The name or term " Classics " refers to more than one character or idea. . only labeled them " Transformers " (with the tag line " Robots in Disguise " line included on the Optimus Prime vs Megatron: The Ultimate Battle DVD. Optimus managed to shatter Megatronus's Spark fuser, closing the rift, sending the sparks back to their respected places and ruining his plan. Transformers Animated RID Megatron Voyager Tank Cybertronian MISB. For the most part, these imports followed the Japanese toy line, with only cosmetic changes on the boxes. In a moment of rage he murdered Solus but escaped Cybertron before his brothers could subdue. Autobot Whirl Cybertron Collection. VERY NICE HAS ALL PARTS I BELIEVE EXCEPT AS MENTIONED BUT CHE. Megatronus contacted Steeljaw in Lockout.