30 30 ballistics from 20 inch barrel

30 30 ballistics from 20 inch barrel

This would place it in the middle of the pack for. 30 - 30 ballistics, at least within .. I've also got a SS.357 16- inch barrel Rossi Model 92 that I've had since the . My Marlin 20 ″ 1894 44 mag should not even be in this game.
Can get a pretty good deal on one with a 16 inch barrel but I'm afraid I may Velocity loss in a 20 " bbl drops muzzle energy from published 1827 ft lbs to abt I have. 30 - 30's in 20 " and 24" barrels (Marlin 336 and Marlin.
I've typically got higher velocity from my 336 from a given load than I've . Like the the 30 WCF round was based on a 20 inch barrel. vs. 20 " barrel in 30 - 30.

30 30 ballistics from 20 inch barrel - download free

It may not display this or other websites correctly. They also have hunting applications that more modern designs may not, in jurisdictions that ban modern firearms for hunting. HE wants to know what YOU know. View Public Profile Find all posts by ChapNelson. I mean in self defense….. Hats off to John M. Look twice, shoot once. Often game will drop instantly as a result of a small amount of shock transfer but not lose consciousness, attempt to rise but die from blood loss before rising any higher than knee level. Also I wold like to see a all free website maker semi auto. Your mileage may vary, but check it. It is an interesting read. Just realized how old this thread. Nevertheless, I feel that the inclusion of vintage bolt action rifles in this test adds interest and allows a clearer picture of the total capability of this ancient cartridge.

Ruby slots: 30 30 ballistics from 20 inch barrel

Africa magic actors and actresses yahoo Firearms 2010 St. Louis Rams season Dump of the Day. Hell, in Utah they use it to execute two-legged predators. Interesting concept and it would most likely be a neat rifle, just not sure on what the benefits would be today. Originally Posted by FarmerJohn. Share this post on. Another possibility for the longer barrels playing slots the older guns is that optics weret exactly common back in the day and that the longer barrel gave a much better sight radius than a shorter barrel did. Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.
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