Alice in wonderland 2010 mad hatter quotes

alice in wonderland 2010 mad hatter quotes

Some says you survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. [To Alice ] You're absolutely Alice, I'd know you anywhere.
119 quotes have been tagged as alice-in-wonderland: Lewis Carroll: 'Why, sometimes I've believed as many tags: alice-in-wonderland, mad - hatter, nonsense.
White Queen: Please. Red Queen: No! It is my crown! I am the eldest! Jabberwocky! Alice: This is impossible. The Mad Hatter: Only if you. alice in wonderland 2010 mad hatter quotes Alice Kingsley : Mm-hmm. He gives Alice a potion that shrinks her, then hides her in a teapot and pretends that he's never seen her, even after being choked by the Red Queen's Knave of HeartsStayne. What advantage play gambling it was agreed that "proper" was wearing a codfish on your head? Mad Hatter : Trust me. Please make your quotes accurate. You'd have liked him! It's only a dream.