Does 2000 flushes damage toilets in china

does 2000 flushes damage toilets in china

The box says " does not harm septic tanks" but my plumber vehemently disagrees. In the third toilet, I used 2000 Flushes Blue plus bleach and that one is light.
The tablet does not harm the septic tank. With Clorox, you know your toilet bowl is clean and disinfected. One 2.47 ounce toilet bowl cleaner tablet in Rain Clean.
Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach whereupon he explained that using bleach will ruin it, because bleach kills the bacteria . How do you write an exciting review about toilet bowl cleaner? Now, does it last for 2000 flushes? .. Australia · Brazil · Canada · China · France · Germany · India · Italy · Japan. Is it only the flushing that's the problem? RM, Long Island, NY. Another thing is that here in South Florida we have high concentrations of chlorine in our water. Keep out of reach of children and pets. I think I will let this thing run its course and then probably not buy it. It would flush, but it would fill allllllll the way to the top before going .
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