Top 100 comebacks

top 100 comebacks

Comebacks are a rare and fleeting thing, as most of us will only think of the perfect retort to someone hours after they've actually insulted us. Social media.
Read 50 Funny Insults/ Comebacks from the story 50 Random Ways by Explosivewafflez If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world!.
The top funniest insults from the best insults database that can be found on the entire internet! Comeback: So was your dad's condom. Good Comeback.

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Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home? Nevermind you did them all. Kevin Hart Funny Quotes. Popular on Bored Panda.. Was anyone else hurt in the accident? Student: Why are you teaching during my conversation? I'm busy, can I ignore you some other time? Damn not you. Looks like you traded in your neck for an extra chin! That's a good one. I hate girls that check their bf's phones. Why you so fat? Do you hear that?

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30 sided die vs 20 sided die store locations I just found your nose in my business. Log in Sign Up. No company would do. I Paint Dragons And Mythical Beasts ORF-9326 Different Mediums. Best Comebacks Jokes of All Time. Please provide your email address and we will send your password shortly. I could say nice things about you, but I'd rather tell the truth.
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You're my favorite teacher too even if I don't know you! Bully - "Hey fat ass. If you can't laugh at yourself I'd be happy to do it for you. Boy texted his dad saying Boy:I got expelled Dad: WHAT WHY Boy: cos we had this lesson about bulling and the teacher said sticks and stones may break my bone but words will never hurt me Dad: and Boy: so I threw a book at her face and it broke her nose Dad : lol that's my boy. Follow us on Google Plus. top 100 comebacks
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