Absolute poker scandal 2016 video

absolute poker scandal 2016 video

Strangely enough, one of the other sites – Absolute Poker – had just been hit by a huge cheating allegation, where some of the site's best.
At first it was only a rumor at the poker forums; players that had lost a lot in the past were all of a sudden winning large amounts at the.
Absolute Poker Superuser "POTRIPPER" Cheating (Part 1 of 4). cziz video captured from http://www. The new company claimed that Scott 6 49 lotteries CTV was out and new owners would restore the site to its previous glory, whatever that. Subscribe my channel: ithistory.info. It is seems like A. In the meantime Absolute Poker had suspended four accounts: 'Graycat', 'Steamroller', 'DoubleDrag', and 'Potripper'. Trump attacks 'dishonest media' while making false claims at Florida rally. absolute poker scandal 2016 video