Can 2 sims have same number

can 2 sims have same number

And your provider won't make 2 SIM -cards with the same number. . Can two people have the same phone number, but different carriers.
Your phone number is tied to your sim, so unfortunately you can have two sim cards tied to the same number at the same time. Your operator.
Some providers support 2 simcards with the same number. is how carriers can change your SIM and the basis of Mobile Number Portability.

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For a GSM the number is burned into the SIM-card. I sympathise with your condition, I have a mild form of the same. Perhaps we'll see this in the near future if demand rises? It should be possible to set up call diversion to a different phone number if your phone is lost, but again this depends on whether your network chooses to offer the service - you can normally do this from the phone number you are diverting calls from but obviously in the situation you suggest you wouldn't have that phone. Search this forum only. Follow the instructions given with the device, entering the IMSI when prompted. Anybody can ask a question.
can 2 sims have same number How to get 5 people to live in ONE Sims Freeplay house!!:D Sign up or log in. Joe or Billy Bob? Extract the SIM card when instructed. Most frequently asked questions. Loggin into sign in to MyRogers go to change your sim card in your profile and enter the same sim card already on account it will activate it.

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Sorry but just a short answer without offering to explain a long why. It does not support this. It's very frustrating that a facility which is available elsewhere is not "possible" in Australia - I thought mobile phone technology was universally standardised???? That's what we're here for! Back to Phones forum.