Sonic 1 beta

sonic 1 beta

Sonic 1 Beta Remake is a Sonic 1 hack created by Mistergambit, first released on September This.
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As they write on the project page: “ Sonic 1 Beta Remake is a Sonic 1 hack created by Mistergambit, first released on September.

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Green Hill Zone Marble Zone Spring Yard Zone Labyrinth Zone Star Light Zone Scrap Brain Zone Final Zone Special Stages. The sprites for this animation are still in the final game. After the boss is defeated, Robotnik runs away from Sonic and jumps into a small plane. They included a six-fingered hand, a purple creature with a large jaw and yellow gloves, a walking cannon and exclamation mark, a flying hand similar in appearance to Bat Brain, a large white ghost, and a bee-colored Robotnik. Blue Sphere Bomb Chaos Emerald Crusher Fan Fire Statue Fireball Cannon Giant spear Debug Mode Electric Generator Flywheel High-speed elevator Conveyor Belt Color Sonic 1 beta 21 spanish speaking countries map with no names Movable box Rotating platform Original Soundtrack Promotional Comic Shuttle loop Sonic the Hedgehog Band MaxMachSharpsVector Seesaw South Island Spiked Ball Spikes Sonic 1 beta Story Comic Totem Pole Winding Tunnel. Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Beta/Alpha

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Star Light Zone had a less blocky appearance and used its truss tiles more often, which gave it a more "under construction" look. Due to time constraints, the idea was scrapped, and the sound test ended up being on the level select. Can't find a community you love? Interestingly, this obstacle was kept when Sparkling Zone was changed into Spring Yard Zone. It was decided that the hedgehog character was the best of the lot, and was redesigned into Sonic the Hedgehog. It was replaced in the final game with the moving green blocks seen throughout the level. The two land, Sonic jumps towards the player, and the screen fades out to black.