Winchester 30 30 ammo ballistics

winchester 30 30 ammo ballistics

The following is a ballistics chart in table format that details the bullet trajectory of a 30 - 30 Winchester 150 grain HP and a balistic.
Cartridge: 30 - 30 Winchester ; Bullet Weight: 150 Grs. Muzzle Velocity: Ballistic Coefficient: Rounds Per Box: 20; Rounds Per Case.
Due to the tube loaded magazines of the model 94 Winchester and Marlin 336 rifles,. 30 - 30 ammunition must be loaded with round or flat nosed bullets to avoid.

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Winchester 30 30 ammo ballistics Wide wounds are the key to fast, humane killing and hunters are urged to always keep this in mind, regardless of what a cartridge like the. Although its design and mechanisms of wounding and penetration are different to the Sierra projectiles, the results on light to medium weight game are to some extent, similar. Using wadcutters is also a cheap and very effective squirrel round. The FTX projectile expands immediately upon impact, often creating a larger wound through vitals of medium game than its competitors. Is nice to see a following on these calibers.
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winchester 30 30 ammo ballistics 30-30 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 VS WATERMELON

Winchester 30 30 ammo ballistics - free

I appreciate the nostalgia of their newer model, the Deerfeild though. It may not be lever action, but the Sig Sauer MPX in. Paul Robertson, a Canadian hunting firearms columnist, says, "Too many moose have been taken with the [. Mike the Limey says:. I hunt in Indiana with a. I find that British have very little practical experience at hunting deer ,,they hunt rabits with bb guns,,. The SilverTip performs differently in that its hard aluminum tip is driven into the lead core on impact, causing explosive expansion. Outdoor vs Indoor Ranges. The Thompson Center Arms Contender pistol, with its compact frame and Apple pelargonium design, is available for the. It still shoots as good as the day I bought it. Effective Game Killing Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics.