2 pairs of glasses for $65

2 pairs of glasses for $65

Eyeglasses don't have to cost hundreds of dollars. ithistory.info is doing a limited-time deal that offers TWO complete pairs of prescription.
I purchased two pairs of glasses from them, both the same prescription. .. website and the prescription is perfect, 2 pair of glasses for $65 (one frame was.
Each pair of glasses purchased as part of our 2 for offer INCLUDES single vision uncoated plastic lenses. You can also get 2 pairs of plastic lined. 2 pairs of glasses for $65

2 pairs of glasses for $65 - contestgirl

Their quality control is non-existent, and their customer service is even worse. The only other store near me is huge, I have been there once, it is like a DMV... With prices like that, unsurprisingly, people seek cheaper alternatives. Accordingly, I lost out on that. A few months ago it was a racist issue I had to deal with that was never properly handled.
How to Pick Glasses for your Face Shape

2 pairs of glasses for $65 - best

Fred I wish that I would have read the reviews. I now have a pair of "play" glasses that are missing a few stones but useful for days when I'm doing yard work, hiking, or whatever else. Sorry an error occurred please try again. The bifocal is no good. I do have quite the collection of glasses.