270towin 2012

270towin 2012

the interactive map below to see how alternative electoral vote allocation methods would have affected the results had they been in place for the 2012 or.
Use this map to project the outcome of the 435 House seats to be contested in 2012.
Results of the presidential election of 2012, won by with electoral votes. As the number of swing states decreases, the most 270towin 2012 result will move closer to the median and average. Can't See Maps or Polls? Can't See Maps or Polls? Can't See Maps or Polls? Proportional Popular - Popular PPV awards two electoral votes to the popular vote winner, with the remainder allocated based on the percentage of popular vote earned. 270 to win

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Note that incumbent names are only displayed where a current Member is running. Can't See Maps or Polls? Their major challengers were the Republican nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and his running mate, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. These probabilities are calculated from actual state-by-state polls.. The map below displays the proportional allocation of electoral votes in each state, based on the methods you've chosen in the top map. To this point, he has not indicated which party he will caucus with if elected, although he is a supporter of President Obama. Can't See Maps or Polls?