Aa vs kk pre flop poker hand

aa vs kk pre flop poker hand

This article compliments our introduction to Pre-flop Poker Probability which KK vs AA – Probability In Relation To The Hands Your Opponent Would Raise.
Example. P(Hand 1 Wins). Overpair versus underpair. AA vs. TT.80. Pocket Pair JJ vs. AJ.70. Pocket pair versus two overcards. JJ vs. AK.
What are the odds of getting KK preflop and another player at the same 9 handed This is the odds, that this event will happen for the next hand. The odds you are up against AA when you have KK vs 8 players is ~ 4%. . your name is PokerKKing and you're talking about your KK running into AA. Serious question: the "never fold KK preflop " law. Blackjack Split Strategy Explained. Draw and Other Poker. Poker Games You Can Play To Make Money. Thanks again and keep up enlightening the masses! Ask This Question: What Is The Range Of Hands My Opponent Could Have Made This Big Raise With? Texas Holdem Odds Calculator.

Triple double: Aa vs kk pre flop poker hand

2010 PBA DRAFT AA vs KK odds. KK vs AA preflop. As they are about to turn them over, the guy with kings says something like, "You got aces? Best Poker Bonuses A good poker bonus is essential. How did Phil Hellmuth build his poker bankroll? You raise before the flop with KK and are re-raised an amount that would commit both you and your opponent to the pot if you call so effectively all-in.
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Find More Posts by NewOldGuy. Common All-in Hand Match Ups. Now the next step is clearly not perfect because if one player doesn't have one of these hands the odds the next player does is a little bit higher. Pool, Snooker, and Billiards. Mail will not be published required. Thank goodness I just discovered your great site. aa vs kk pre flop poker hand