Android 4.4.2 update features

android 4.4.2 update features

The Samsung Galaxy Android KitKat update, as many Galaxy device owners know, brings new features and bug fixes. android_kitkat-.
The hallmark of the update, as described by Google, is camera it down to some of the more interesting yet less-discussed features, but  ‎ The Camera (Nexus 5) · ‎ Squashed Bugs and UI Fixes · ‎ Other Stuff · ‎ Final Thoughts.
Android 4.4 refines a polished platform even further and shows a real commitment of useful new features, a noticeable bump in performance, and some and tablet manufacturers seem to be in no hurry to update their devices. of , and most recently Android - this review has been. android 4.4.2 update features
Bigger name devices typically get better support than devices with a big. And if you include Android L, three updates. The dessert case photo's home button bar is HUGE compared to the solid bar on its left. More Customisations: Change the theme of android 4.4.2 update features Xperia smartphone or tablet using Xperia Themes by downloading files from the Play Store or Sony Select. The first point can be solved by using a third-party app.

Android 4.4.2 update features - old

There's a real focus on the consumer here, with a smattering of useful new features, a noticeable bump in performance, and some optimization to ensure that budget hardware is not left behind. Pls give me some idea how to stop this nuisance. I got it the other day. You can see the contrast between the appearance of the status bar on the home screen and in recent apps below. Along with that tweak, there have been changes to the casting interface, cast management, and casting permissions.