Angels free agent signings 2013

angels free agent signings 2013

The following is the MLB Free Agent Tracker. It will be updated regularly to reflect the latest free agent signings. Except where noted, the.
MLB free agency is a risky business in which veteran players—most of them of the offseason through end of 2013 regular season.
Notes players granted free agency between Oct 1 and Dec 31 of 2013. Signings are for signings within six months of free agency being granted. Free Agents are.
Nationals Sign Adam Lind. Alex Reyes is part of a star-powered Dominican Republic team. Although Ellis didn't produce a high batting average or a lot of extra-base hits. Santos played in the International Prospect League. The Angels haven't been finding bargains on the open market, but at least they're getting their money's worth from this left-hander. 2013 Orioles Spring Training-Non Roster Minor League Free Agents