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So after sick was ddos'd they brought in a stand in while losing the map quite heavily. The round they needed to eco Paul_newman left the.
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Really fast reax from the org. Conduct in-game and out of game from the Mortality eSports camp has lead us to disqualify this roster indefinitely. Thanks for the support it means a lot to have people backing us. You have to be logged in order to place bets. We have cheats called on us with zero proof or concerte evidence. PBIC 2016 - Philippines vs Thailand We honestly didn't think anything of it. Indeed, the most disturbing message of this paper is the exceptionally low usage of statins, aspirin and ACE inhibitors by generalists and specialists alike. It's a really harsh treatment rgn did ace 65106 to esea but it's the only way for the ddos problem to get better. Venom Gaming Latest Matches. Message Moderators DreamHack Maste. And here our side of the story so to speak.