Ten sided dice templates

ten sided dice templates

This is the 4th in the D&D dice, however, it is not truely a Platonic Solid. How to make a 10 Sided D&D Die (Not a true Platonic Solid) . and it would be nice if I had some solid wood dice to use as patterns so I didn't have to use real dice.
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I present to you my tutorial for making giant d10 (because the giant d20 didn't work out so well — the pattern is far more complicated and didn't. d120
ten sided dice templates

Players: Ten sided dice templates

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Ten sided dice templates 889
Ten sided dice templates 1000 60 16

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How many days till Christmas? I put it in so you can make a whole set of dice. I've been married to my wonderful soulmate for one-and-a-half years now. Just download one, open it in a PDF viewer, and print. Looking forward to my first lesson for this term. What an amazing gift you have him.