What does 25 to 1 odds meaning in telugu

what does 25 to 1 odds meaning in telugu

i really have no clue here. so, say RKC has the odds 6-4 of winning boston, does that mean his chance of winning are 4 out of 6, aka 2 out of Missing: telugu.
Showing meaning for ' odd ' English to Telugu Meaning 1. against all odds = అన్ని అసమానత వ్యతిరేకంగా 25. unaccompanied = ఒంటరైన.
falls, i. e. if it adheres ; conditional form of which in this place means to 25 " adj. pron. equivalent to the English article the. from 33 o& having paid: past p|| of ^SotfcAj v. a. to pay, ~£ _%P 1 did cast ODD'S -0 DIALOGUES.

What does 25 to 1 odds meaning in telugu - slot another

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