The direction shown, i.e. which substrates are on the left and right sides, is in accordance with the Enzyme Commission system. Mass balance status: Marked as.
EC - Guluronate-specific alginate lyase. IntEnz view ENZYME view ยท XML. IntEnz Enzyme Nomenclature EC.
EC. Accepted name: guluronate-specific alginate lyase. Reaction: Eliminative cleavage of alginate to give oligosaccharides with. This message will disappear when the data EC sorted. Purification and characterization of a bifunctional alginate lyase from Pseudoalteromonas sp. This message will disappear when all data is loaded. Calcium-sensitive extracellular poly alpha-L-guluronate lyase from a marine bacterium Pseudomonas sp. Cloning and sequencing of alginate lyase genes from deep-sea strains of Vibrio and Agarivorans and characterization of a new Vibrio enzyme Vibrio sp. Back to the Top Guluronate-specific alginate lyase. Dr Sangeeta EC is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, India.