Double action casino

double action casino

Double Action Roulette is another exciting variation to the traditional roulette, which offers players two winning numbers with every single spin. This is possible.
Introduction. I first saw Double Action Roulette at the 2012 Global Gaming Expo. I was told at the time it had just been installed at the M casino in Las Vegas.
Double Action is an optional blackjack side bet. This is the pay table: Match 1 to 1. Flush 2 to 1. Straight 6 to 1. 3 of a Kind 20 to 1. Straight Flush 50 to 1. Suited. Aspers Group Proceeds with Southampton Casino Plans Thanks to Favourable High Court Ruling. Home Games Double Action Blackjack. This is achieved using two sets of numbers inner and outer rings situated in opposing order on a single wheel, one spin marks two numbers. Following are the specific bets available:. However, the bets and odds remain mostly the same when betting on a single outcome.

Double action casino - bejeweled

Once the ball comes to rest, the winning numbers will be automatically illuminated on both betting areas. A player may bet on the inner ring, the outer ring, or on both and receive traditional odds. The Wizard of Odds. Then again, players, who are looking for more excitement and thrills can test their luck by making outside bets which offer different payouts. After settling the draw hand, the dealer will announce the Stud hand, that is, the value of the hand formed by the five community cards. double action casino