Silkroad alchemy secrets of embroidery

I want to digitize a design and save it for different hoop sizes - 4×4, 5×7, but not have to re-digitize each time. How would I do that? Missing: silkroad ‎ alchemy.
Secrets of Embroidery is the best place for Machine Embroidery Designs, Projects and Tutorials: immediate download and excellent service. Missing: silkroad ‎ alchemy.
You can also enjoy a bit of alchemy and astrology and explore an active . Earth hides the most powerful of all secrets and is at the centre of everything. Limited series of 17 embroidered backpacks, designed and crafted for SOFFA in the PUBLISHER SOFFA, s.r.o. Drtinova 150 00 Praha. No aspirant shall be admitted into the Society unless he be a Master Mason, and of good moral character, truthful, faithful, and intelligent. New hoops are added frequently to the Embird embroidery software. Check the details on our ordering page to see if you need to pay for your upgrade. It is always available at the top of every page. I solemnly promise that I will never during my whole life publicly reveal the secret knowledge I receive at present, or may receive at a future period from the Society, or from one of its members, nor even privately, but will keep our Secrets sacred. There is a huge choice of fonts available.