5 oceans and continents

5 oceans and continents

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The largest of these bodies are known as the Great Oceans. Arctic Ocean is bordered by the North American and the Eurasian continents. Though there have been so much advances in the astronomy over the years, we have never been able to find a planet as diverse as earth which is home to millions of living organisms like our mother earth is. The salinity and the surface temperature vary according to the seasons because the ice cover freezes and melts periodically. Its location is between the eastern coastlines of African and Asia and the western coastlines of the American landmass. There is actually no geographical separation as such between Asia and Europe.
These large water bodies which surround the continents are called oceans. It happens to be the most shallow of all oceans on earth. Arctic Ocean lies to the north of Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean in the south. What is your email? Check your email to continue the password reset process. Seven 7 Continents Interesting Facts for Kids

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Kindly follow the table given below and know more about our Continents. South America is home to twelve sovereign states and two non sovereign states. Continents are the large land masses that we see on our earth. Export to Google Map. It is located between the western coastlines of the American continents and eastern coast lines of Asia and Africa. The ocean hosts many aquatic species including the sperm whale which is recorded as the largest living toothed creature. This large and diverse continent is home to lot of endangered species.