Alchemy secret fire mother

alchemy secret fire mother

The secret fire which might be termed the fiery water dissolves the metals; this latter is a . In the various stages of alchemy, the metals have so changed their .. Now you must note that this white sulphur is the father and mother of the metals;.
The Secret Fire of the Alchemists has been described by them as "The All in All," He was the author of two published works primarily on Spiritual Alchemy. .. one of the three Mother Letters of that alphabet, is referred to the element of Fire.
In alchemy, this is the Secret Fire. To the Salt, belongs the force of Prana, or Vital Energy. The function of the Vital energy is to maintain physical  Missing: mother. alchemy secret fire mother Nevertheless, the intelligentsia of the modern world can never pass behind the veil which divides the seen from the unseen except in the way appointed- the Mysteries. The beauty of the Middle Pillar is that it, like many esoteric practices, is really a layered exercise. However, the seeming contradictions alchemy secret fire mother withstand the persistent scrutiny of an enterprising individual. She wore no crown but often stood upon a lunar crescent: much after the fashion of the Madonna. Sun would have a white color but at its surface, it is rather red sulfur and yellow. This takes no more time than swallowing a vitamin. Perfecting ground of Alchemy in its Spiritual aspect.