Dislikes about being a leader

dislikes about being a leader

There really are no cons of being a leader, unless you compare it to another existence. For example: " Being a leader is great, except people.
So—how can you tell if you're a good leader or not? Here are 7 reasons that affect your assessment, and why your team may dislike you: 1. Create a culture that is customer responsive by being employee responsive too.
He also dislikes when people monopolise the conversation at meetings, “And I just don't find that very interesting being negative is not how we make. Partying together, sharing personal feelings and problems, making funny jokes? Stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop. Taking the time to ask our people what traits they like and dislike in their leaders can be a valuable first step in any leadership development programme. Thanks Joe for taking the time to pen these important thoughts for us! Doing so, he feels, undercuts the expectation of healthy debate. Loading comments… Trouble loading?