Poems about being yourself

poems about being yourself

Being Yourself by Randy McClave..Be the way that you want to be Not the way that others have chose Be not your Mother nor your Father.
Why would you want to be someone else. When you could be better by being yourself. Why pretend to be someone you are not. When you have something they.
Who else would I be. I won't change for you. So why change for me. I won't waste my life. Being someone I can not be. Because I'm not a fake. Unwilling to break.

Poems about being yourself -

Let go of all your childhood pain. Join a new revolution, being free from the body. I might not be the most beautiful. Against the beast within. Choose to be filled with joy and glee. Being someone I can not be. Did you spell check your submission? Love Yourself No lies, angers, stress or fears. Email This Poem to a Friend. I can hide my emotions. Take your swing, because I am strong. Than walking around in someone else's shoes. To everyone out there. poems about being yourself