Articles about the love of being a nurse

articles about the love of being a nurse

New Nursing Times student blogger Katrina Michelle Rowan loves being a student nurse - even if she can't always find the correct orifice.
I am feeling pretty negative about nursing and could use a "pick-me-up" or maybe a reminder why I became a nurse to begin with. For the life of.
had given me a challenge: to come up with things I love about being a nurse, from the serious 10 Reasons to Love Nursing More articles from this author. articles about the love of being a nurse

Articles about the love of being a nurse - gold coin

I still love being a nurse. Nursing shoud be a respected profession, sadly it is not. Did I ruin my chances? Final panel decision and reasons: 'How should a panel treat a nurse who steals controlled drugs but genuinely regrets their actions? I can utilize critical thinking skills, and follow a set of medical protocols in dispensing medication that would never be allowed in the acute care setting at the RN level.
This last year it has become increasingly difficult to go to work. The custody staff truly expect their Nurses to have the answers to each and every question including medical, mental health, and expectations of on-the-spot determination if a new newly arriving juvenile is possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and many other concerns. More articles from this author:. Why I Love Being a Nurse. You then spend the next two days feeling guilty and trying to prove you were sick. End of Life and Palliative Care. Neonatal Nurse Salary