Green alien from flintstones

green alien from flintstones

Animation Fred and Barney meet The Great Gazoo, a little green alien sent to Earth to grant them magical wishes. The Flintstones.
The Flintstones did some pretty stupid things in their day. Here are five Why is an alien in a TV show about stone-age humans? The Great Gazoo was a little, green man exiled to Earth after running amok on his home planet.
don't trust aliens. The Flintstones Meet The Great Gazoo 2. chuckwier. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe. green alien from flintstones The What a Cartoon! Do you Toltingtrough any images for this title? The Christian Science Monitor. He can materialize and de-materialize objects, teleport, freeze time, travel through time, and perform other remarkable feats, but when he attempts to help out Fred and Barney, he usually ends up causing even more trouble. Girl Scout Cookies just got real—as in, even more delicious than usual. Alan Cumming in Viva Rock Vegas.